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Hannah Shand

Hannah Shand is passionate about New Zealand’s native flora and fauna, and she specialises in realistic pen drawings of our native birds. Using her photography and art skills to capture and showcase the beauty of nature, Hannah hopes to inspire others to care about our wildlife.

Hannah Shand
Hannah Shand

Artist Biography

Hannah Shand loves New Zealand’s native birds, and has a fascination with our beautiful and unique flora and fauna. Her other passion is drawing, and she creates realistic and timeless artworks using black fine-tip pens. Combining her passions with her love for the outdoors and photography, Hannah explores remote predator-free islands and bird sanctuaries, and draws inspiration from her wildlife encounters. It’s these precious moments that she portrays in her artwork, capturing each bird’s individual character. She also shares her adventures, art journey, and bird photography through her social media channels, and enjoys connecting with other people who are passionate about birds and conservation. She actively works with conservation groups and bird sanctuaries to fundraise and spread awareness about their crucial work.

Hannah creates original artworks in A4 to A1 size, with each artwork taking four to sixteen weeks, to research, photograph, compose and then draw the birds in fine detail. She also produces hand-signed and numbered limited edition prints, made in NZ using the highest quality archival paper, inks and processes.


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