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Hannah Shand

A Lost Harmony-(Huia)

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A Lost Harmony-(Huia)





Limited edition fine art giclée print produced in Wellington using the highest quality archival paper, inks and processes. Each print is hand signed and numbered by Hannah.

A3 Size. Edition of 60 $220.  A2 Size Edition of 40 $380

Huia are a NZ native bird last seen alive in the early 1900s - lost due to introduced predators, habitat loss, and hunting. Recognisable by their white-tipped tail feathers, they were also very unique in that the female had a long, curved beak, and the male had a shorter, straighter beak. Hannah’s composition represents the companionship between the male and female, as pairs bonded for life. They are depicted on pigeonwood, as they ate forest tree fruits and insects. This artwork was drawn over three months, with the goal of creating the most accurate and detailed representation of what living huia would look like. As there are no photos of huia alive, Hannah studied taxidermy huia and also used tui photos as a guide for the poses (they are a similar shape bird). To visualise unknown details, she also referenced her photos of living wattlebirds - kokako and saddleback.

“A Lost Harmony” refers to the loss of their unique birdsong, and how the harmonious balance of the forest can be lost when we don’t protect it. There are so many native NZ birds which are critically endangered today, and the huia are a poignant reminder of why it’s important we do our best to protect them.