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Hannah Shand


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Limited Edition Fine Art Archival Print. Each print is hand signed and numbered by Hannah.

  • A4 – 210 × 297mm – edition of 80-$140
  • A3 – 297 x 420mm – edition of 60-$220
  • A2 – 420 x 594mm – edition of  40-$380

This artwork depicts a pair of native New Zealand fantails (pīwakawaka) diligently tending to their precious nest. Titled 'Expecting', it holds deep personal significance for Hannah, who created it during her first pregnancy. It symbolises the transition to parenthood, the love shared between parents, and the excitement and anticipation of welcoming children into the world.

Hannah's artistic process often involves combining multiple reference photos in Photoshop to craft her desired general artwork composition, allowing her to be more creative and add some artistic license. The final artwork is then drawn in fine-tip black pen, which allows further refinement of elements such as lighting and other fine details which may need adding or adjusting. To capture her vision for ‘Expecting’, she carefully merged five images of fantails, nests, and leaves. The main nest photo of the artwork was captured by Hannah's friend Robert Hos at his property ‘Wrights Bush’ in the Waikato, which was then combined with her own photos, including a perched fantail. A pair of fantails raise 2 to 5 chicks together over a months’ time, and build a nest of dried rotten wood fibres, mosses, hair, fern scales, dried grasses, and woven together with cobwebs.