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Hannah Shand

'A Pretty Perch' (fantail/pīwakawaka)

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'A Pretty Perch' (fantail/pīwakawaka)





A3 Size limited edition fine art print using archival papers, ink and processes.

This artwork is of a fantail (pīwakawaka) perched on a kākābeak (ngutukākā) plant. Hannah photographed the fantail at Seaward Downs Scenic Reserve, which was one of her favourite local bush walks when she lived in Southland. The kākābeak however, was photographed during a visit to Bushy Park Tarapuruhi - a predator-free sanctuary near Whanganui. This is because it is critically endangered in the wild, with only 150 plants remaining outside of predator-free areas. It is named for its unique blooms that resemblethe beak of NZ’s native kākā parrot. The red or white nectar-rich flowers attract native birds and unfortunately also other animals too. Introduce danimals and plants such as deer, pigs, garden snails, and gorse pose asignificant threat to its survival. Witnessing and photographing this flower was special for Hannah, given its beauty, rarity and vulnerability. Fortunately, the Ngutukākā Recovery Group is actively working to protect and restore the kākābeak population. They are focused on safeguarding known wildplants, identifying and improving new populations, and reintroducing the plant to its natural habitat. Hannah is grateful for their efforts and hope that we can all do our part to support the conservation of this beautiful plant.