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Hannah Shand

Fantail Friends (Piwakawaka)

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Fantail Friends (Piwakawaka)





Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Prints produced in New Zealand using the highest quality archival paper, inks and processes. Each print is hand signed and number by Hannad

Prints available in three sizes A4-$140, A3-$220, A2-$380.

Fantails and ferns are both iconic in NZ native bush, as both are prevalent and widespread. The fantail being one of our most well-known birds – and one of Hannah’s favourites – with their confident and inquisitive nature, and delightful squeaky chatter; often it seems almost like they’re talking to you. They are very busy little birds, which can lay up to 5 clutches per season. With 2-5 eggs per clutch, and feeding chicks every 10 minutes (about 100 times per day), it’s no wonder they seem to never stop moving! Hannah loves the challenge of photographing fantails, and she gets a lot of joy spending time with them.

There are over 200 different varieties of ferns found throughout NZ, which come in all different shapes and sizes, and 40% of them are only found in NZ (endemic). The uncoiling ‘koru’ shape of the fern frond is also a key motif in art and Māori culture. Hannah composed this scene of two fantails perched together on an unfurling fern frond, from four of her photos from various locations. Fantails are often found in pairs, and this artwork is a symbol of friendship, regeneration, and peace.