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Hannah Shand

Welcome Home (Antipodean albatross)

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Welcome Home (Antipodean albatross)





A3 size limited edition fine art print using archival paper and inks. Edition 0f 60.

"Welcome Home" was created as a special fundraising artwork to support the Antipodean albatross - one of New Zealand's most at-risk seabirds. The original artwork was auctioned for $12,000 at an event hosted by the New Zealand Nature Fund, in collaboration with Live Ocean, and Southern Seabirds. Long-line fishing vessels pose a huge threat to the Antipodean albatross, as they use squid on their lines, along with not using albatross-safe fishing practices. As squid is their primary food source, about 2,300 of Antipodean albatrosses get caught in these lines each year and sadly drown. The $12,000 has gone towards creating the necessary education and support for the international fishing industry to encourage them to fish in an albatross-safe way. This artwork was created by Hannah using a new medium for her, of both liquid and pencil charcoal. Hannah visited the Subantarctic Islands with Heritage Expeditions in 2021, which inspired her advocacy and fundraising efforts for this threatened species. The gorgeous reference image for this artwork was taken by Mark Fraser in 2009. He was visiting Antipodes as an ecological consultant, studying the wildlife there during the end of the albatrosses' egg-laying period. The beautiful and intimate image depicts two young albatrosses practicing their courtship displays.