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Ohm Sculpture

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Ohm Sculpture





Alpine Gneiss Stone Sculpture

The symbol om represents oneness with the supreme and helps in spiritual attainment. Commonly known as a symbol of good fortune.

Om is a sacred mantra and cosmic sound that initiated the creation of the universe.

This highest grade of metamorphic rock had its beginnings as sea bed sediment put down in the Jurassic period some 200 million years ago.

Movement of the crust of the earth through the collision of the Australian and Pacific plates forced the sedimentary rock down to such an incredible depth (some 27km down) as to be so close to the earth molten core that temperatures of over 700C and incredible pressure transformed, modified and re-mineralized this rock into one of the hardest, most resilient rocks found in New Zealand. To this day it is still being constantly extruded upwards by the continued moving together of the earth's crust, sheared off by glacial flows, then semi polished by collisions with lesser rocks in the flood in rivers.

Most of the rock is high grade Quartz Biotite Schist, some smothered in garnets, somewhat we call Granitoid Schist and rarer still the beautiful green and white hued Gneisses.