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Rebecca Tune

'My art practice is an on-going relationship with paint and its colour, texture and application. What excites me is the way paint can be manipulated and layered to produce beautiful, crusty surfaces that take on an organic, gem-like quality. To then allow the painted surface to drape, curl and hang pushes the work into a sculptural dimension and allows the work to begin to breath on it’s own.’

Rebecca Tune
Rebecca Tune

Artist Biography

I grew up in my dad’s studio (Geoff Tune) with paint on my hands before I could walk. My childhood was spent in my parent’s friend’s studios, and at exhibition openings(for the cheese and crackers).
Art was everywhere and I think my path was chosen before I was even aware of it.

After graduating from Art School I went on to teach Art at Auckland Girls’ Grammar before developing my Graphic Design business while having children. As my children grew, so did my Art practice accompanied by Exhibition Curating for a gallery in Auckland. I now happily juggle my Art practice with family life. My family know if they can’t find me, I’m in my studio with my music blaring up to my elbows in paint


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