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Rachel Olsen

All my life I have been compelled to make things and draw. I am happiest and most at peace when I am working in my studio, creating uplifting, vibrant paintings full of colour and light. The unique nature of changing light and shadow fascinates me, and I am drawn to subjects with a particular character. Art is my way of expressing gratitude for all wonderful aspects of life, all the blessings and beautiful living things, and like many artists I find endless inspiration in my environment and the natural world. While working I feel a desire to create a certain harmony, rhythm and balance in the image, which reflects my values for life.

Rachel Olsen
Rachel Olsen

Artist Biography

Rachel Olsenpaints vibrant and compelling works in her own rich and distinctive style.

Her work isuplifting and she finds inspiration all around her in the natural environmentof the Coromandel and wider New Zealand landscape.

The ever changingsea and sky, bush clad hills, character seaside baches and caravans, olddinghies and pohutukawa are among some of her favourite subjects.

In recent timesimagining the flow of an underwater world and botanical semi-abstracts arethemes Rachel has enjoyed exploring.

A goodunderstanding of light, colour and line, combined with a natural ability todraw and compose has given her paintings wide appeal and led to many commissionworks being completed over the years.

Rachel's best known works have a unique 'Kiwi'flavour and evoke a warm sense of nostalgia andplayful wonder, often reminding us of times and places close to our hearts.



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