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Paul Herbert

“My philosophy is when you have purchase a painting or print, and it makes you feel happy every time you glance at it - to me… that is priceless!”

Paul Herbert
Paul Herbert

Artist Biography

After 30 years of running a graphic design business, in 2004 Paul decided to revisit this passions for painting and carving.

In 2014 he and wife Maree moved from Cambridge to Waihi Beach. The driving force behind much of his work now is that passion for the sea and nature – a big part of his life since then.

“The move created an opportunity for me to follow my dreams and develop my work – as well as meet some interesting people.”

Paul, multi-talented artist continues developing his style by simplifying scenes and graphic shapes to express his interests of native wilderness, environment, wildlife, Maori whakapapa and his love of the ocean. “I am using repetition, ordered composition with bright colours to reinforce my style and add colour and fun to people’s homes and offices.” “I endeavour to put visual energy into the shapes so they connect to each other without actually joining”, he says. Now 15 years into ‘artist mode’, Paul uses his distinctive acrylic paint ‘drybrush’ method in his works.

Paul studied at the Wellington School of Design and was also inspired and influenced by artists such as Michael Smither, Robin

White(Paul’s high school art teacher), Don Binney, Rita Angus Dean Buchanan and others.

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