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Lani Eyles

My work is mostly inspired by the environment and the preservation of it, along with some quirky bits.

Lani Eyles
Lani Eyles

Artist Biography


I live and work in Rotorua,NZ, as an Artist/Children`s Art Tutor. My work is mostly inspired by theenvironment and the preservation of it, along with some quirky bits.Integrating animals and nature within human settings has been influenced bysome time spent living in a disappearing grassland (The Cerrrado, Brazil) overa two year span. When I was first there I saw maned wolves and toucans etcevery day, but during my last stint, I didn't see a wolf at all. Some farmersare making a great effort to preserve the environment, and some - none at all.Having this incredible experience led me to investigate similar environmentalhappenings, both here in New Zealand and around the world, finding things thatare utterly shocking. My aim as an artist is to invite the viewer into animaginary world, promoting the notion that co-existence is achievable with abit of forethought from us humans.

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