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Katie Trinkle Legge

"There is often a time of day or moment in the studio when the light is just right. Simple objects take on a life of their own and a painting idea begins."

Katie Trinkle Legge
Katie Trinkle Legge

Artist Biography

Born in 1965 New York City, New York. Graduating from University of the Arts in Philadelphia in painting and illustration. She began exhibiting paintings in 1989 on the East Coast of the USA including Boston, Nantucket and New York. Katie is currently a resident of New Zealand where she has lived since 2010. Her work is now exhibited in New Zealand as well as the USA. She taught painting in at the Artists Association of Nantucket for many years and continues to teach workshops on Waiheke Island. 

Working as a painter, she focuses on colour. light and composition. My work is a combination of traditional painting techniques and contemporary thinking. Layers of paint are placed to create resonance and clarity. Depending on the time of year, the sunlight in my studio floods through the windows and doors differently. These angles of light and how they strike objects are often the starting point for my paintings.

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