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Kate Hill

Kate works with print, paint and fibre in her studio/gallery in the heart of New Zealand’s Waikato overlooking the regenerating bush which provides some of her inspiration. Other influences are her own personal history together with the complexity and pressures of 21st century life.

Kate Hill
Kate Hill

Artist Biography

“When I arrived in NZ from London in 1981 I waspredominantly working with fabric, fibre and stitch.  Winning a major award at that time enabled meto embark on a journey of further study through fabric printing to traditionaland digital print making.  My currentwork reflects all these influences, has been selected for many significantshows and awards and is sold through galleries in Hamilton and the Coromandel.  

Print making is still my first love with its ability todevelop unique marks impossible to achieve with other techniques.  I also continue to work on the development ofsurface texture through the use of stitch and fibre on harakeke papers.  Interrogating works digitally to develop andextend their possibilities is an ongoing practice.

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