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Jocelyn Pratt

My passion is sculpting with hardstone - exploring and enhancing the natural qualities of stone in form, polish, texture, light and shadow. My works are an expression of optimism for change in society and are influenced by my surrounding environment. Recent works are an expression of appreciating the beauty and form of everyday objects.

Jocelyn Pratt
Jocelyn Pratt

Artist Biography

Jocelynis an established stone sculptor presenting elegance and simplicity in her works.  Her passion is working with hard volcanic stone  - Andesite, Basalt and Granite and her preference is to work with local stone, maintaining the energy of the stone and its connection to the land it comes from.  

Researching Geology and sourcing stone throughout NZ, she creates tactile restful forms celebrating the natural solidity and strength of stone. In addition to Andesite, Granite, Basalt she has worked with Serpentine, Bowenite, Marble, Schist, Pimontite,Ignimbrite, Rhyolite, Tonalite and Limestones .

Her works are evocative of her surrounding environment, nature and culture.  

Participating in over 90 symposia Jocelyn’s works are held in public and private collections throughout New Zealand and Internationally.

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