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Ana Krakosky

As a member of Te Atiawa, legend has it that my people are descended from the sky. I try to remember this in my work; to craft for great worth, make it well, see unlimited potential, make good choices, challenge myself and love what I do.

Ana Krakosky
Ana Krakosky

Artist Biography

I’m an artist with a background in design and education. I have a passion for learning and mastering new techniques. I’m a furniture maker, product designer, painter, metalsmith and jade carver. My work as a whole tells a story about the journey of mastering the use of different mediums. I’m passionate about learning new skills and techniques, challenging myself to try new things and pushing the limits of my expertise and knowledge while keeping a firm eye on what makes good design. 

I try to create pieces that speak to others about the beauty in life and the world around us. 

My work is a reflection of my life in a moment past, a snapshot of the present and/or a snippet of the future. Its peaks not only for me, but for all those who have gone before me and those who will come after me.

My work with jade is long lasting and has a timeless quality in this respect. I enjoy moulding and shaping hard stone into well-formed objects of beauty. I love working with the strength of pounamu and the feel of it between my fingers as I shape and mold it into something someone will treasure and value.

When coming up with a new design I often begin with what inspires and interests me - nature and good design. I am always doodling/sketching and dreaming up new ideas. A lot of time is spent exploring and planning out the best proportions and shapes for my pieces.

A lot of my designs are inspired by the natural world and movement or form within it. I am interested in the details found in nature and how geometry and design are seen in nature. I’m also interested in the feminine side of mother nature and I try to ensure a lot of my more delicate pieces emanate this. I have always thought that mother nature is the ultimate of all designers, the way she puts colours together, proportions, elements, the simplicity of her shapes and forms, her detail in everything (often microscopic) and her beautiful organic shapes and forms. 

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