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Rebecca Tune

Paua, Peacocks and Ruffled Water

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Paua, Peacocks and Ruffled Water





Medium:  Acrylic paintand acrylic mediums, crayon, spray paint, Karekare black iron sand on blackroofing membrane.

Size:  Approximately Width 800mm x height 1600mm

The Quiet of the Earth(series)

This sculptural series of paintings explore my interest in what we often miss. 

Those small, precious moments / sights / happenings that we so often overlook as we focus forward rather than being present andobserving the beauty that surrounds us. 

With these works I press the pause button and give the viewer a window to those small, beautiful moments. 

A chance to remember the softly rolling hills with their subtle gradations of greens / blues / darks and lights. To cradle the crusty, pearlised beauty of delicate coral found in a rockpool. To reminisce the way light hits and scatters on the swelling tide as it plunges to meet the sand. 

These paintings are my attempt to shine a spotlight on earths small treasures and make them the stars of their own stage.