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Liz McAuliffe

Kowhai Sculpture

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Kowhai Sculpture





Hand painted canvas and wire kowhai sculpture. Size Height 108cm x Width 56cm.

Materials : Acrylics on cut and sewn canvas with wire inserts.
Hanging : Ready to hang, on flat head nails (hanging info sheet and nails provided).

Every year I look forward to and delight in the blooming of the Kowhai trees, their gracefulness and colour as they peek out from the bush and hang over the roads. The repetition of this seasonal and cyclical event adds colour and depth to my sense of belonging here in the Hokianga.

I have always been intrigued by natural forms and I take delight in replicating and celebrating their unique and individual forms, imbuing them with my own aesthetic.

The new Canvas/Wire series comes from a desire to push the 2D boundary. These works sit closely at the intersection between 2D and 3D, being cut canvas it is flat .. then with wire and hanging points to hold it out from the wall, giving movement and shadow. Form, surface and shadow are an integral part of my artworks.