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Richard Macdonald


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Oil on Board (Circular)

Dimensions 415mm Diameter 

Buzzy Bees being a bit of a favourite subject of mine, I'm always stashing away ideas for a fresh take on them, and one thing which has

always intrigued me is the similarity between the tapering black nose section of the Buzzy Bee and the two tone front on vintage VW Kombi 

vans. The good ol' Kombi used to be a common sight at camping grounds/surf beaches back in the 60s and 70s and is well embedded in the 

Kiwi nostalgic psyche, so it seemed a pretty obvious candidate for morphing with a nod to Frizzell's 'Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke'. 

The circular board was chosen as the most 'friendly' shape to place the friendly faces of these two icons.