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Judi Lapsley Miller

Her Mystery -Tui

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Her Mystery -Tui





A gorgeous companion to "His magnificence," this new piece "Her mystery" pictures a stunning tūī in a stormy gothic forest.

This fine-art print comes on archival Breathing Color Elegance Velvet paper. Each print is hand-signed and editioned.

  • Medium 28x28cm, edition of 20-$250
  • Large 40x40cm, edition of 10-$350
  • Extra-large 80x80, edition of 5-$995 please allow extra time for printing; also available on canvas by request

Judi donates 10% of her proceeds for this print to Zealandia Eco Sanctuary to support their conservation efforts.

tūī, tui, parson bird, Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae, koko