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Souzie Speestra

‘Fundamentally I am a colourist. My paintings are an emotional reflection of memories of a lifetime’

Souzie Speestra
Souzie Speestra

Artist Biography

Contemporary painter using vibrant colour and geometric type patterns with a gem like quality or like cut glass. Works are constructed into a compelling balance of shape, colour, composition and perspective elements. Hallmarks of her unique and distinctive style.

Strong colour, strong composition and intense study of my environment are what I feel defines my work. Acrylic on Canvas i neither my original thick application or my more geometric and pared back painted variations… both have many layers of paint and glaze. I like to let the brush and the palette knife guide the direction and adjust the image to fit their pattern.

Seascapes , landscapes, boats, baches , beaches and a wide variety of flora. The Coromandel offers it all.
I’m also very keen to explore the incredible rock formations and trees found along the coastline and inner islands. And my beautiful new garden Tairua in all her seasons.


Artists Works

Contemporary painter using vibrant colour and geometric patterns with a gem like quality.

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