Marti Wong

Marti Wong is a self-taught artist who has been honing his skills for over 30 years. Drawing and sketching since before school, his keen observation and eye for detail all translate beautifully into his sculpture.He has been welding and doing recycled steel sculpture for 13 years and created hundreds of works, ranging from small spoon and fork men to life-size dinosaurs and dragons. Marti is inspired by the amazing creatures and animals of our amazing planet,past and present, and is strongly influenced by the fantastical and science fiction.
Recently he has been experimenting with wood sculpture and glass casting, which he hopes to incorporate into his metal sculpture one day.
Marti is 38 and lives with his partner and 3 children in Franton railway village Hamilton.

"Kaelyph the griffon"
Half Eagle and half Lion, the griffon has always been a strong and popular beast from myth and legend. Combining the keen sight,swift wings and strong talons of the eagle with the strength, power and feline grace of the mighty lion, the griffon was a favoured mascot for brave warriors, and noble knights displayed it on their shields and is still used today in Heraldry. Kaelyph is an ancient and wise beast who is a loyal companion and powerful guardian. He has been a much loved and admired piece and will , I`m sure, continue to impress.