If godwits couldn't fly by Santie English

‘If godwits couldn't fly' Solo show by Santie English at Inspirit Studio & Gallery 29 May-30 June 2009

The artist uses images of migrating birds to draw a parallel with her own
Migratory life. Moving around searching for a place to settle and like Godwits torn between two homes. She also incorporates her own personal symbols to tell her story.
If Godwits couldn't fly is essentially about our dreams and aspirations. The life we plan to lead, the goals we aim for. When our life paths change we are faced to deal with our own fears and disappointments. Dealing with life's challenges is what makes us who we are.

 This beautiful exhibition by Santie English was a sell out show on the opening night. Santie exhibits exclusively at Inspirit Gallery and more of her stunning work will be on display at the gallery in the near future.