Steve Hikaiti

Steve Hikaiti

Steve is a new artist on the scene and is self taught in sketching, painting and carving. Steve is of Ngati Po decent and is currently reconnecting with his Iwi and life in mainstream New Zealand. After spending a great deal of his life outside of mainstream New Zealand he has turned his life around and realised that through his art he can provide some enjoyment to others whilst giving him some direction in life.

Steve draws his strengths from both the hardships he has endured in his life and his Maori lineage. Steve has raised himself through the adversity he has faced and through his artwork has found a release for his talents. His works display a gift seen in more established artists with his attention to detail and passion for perfection. His works have a power that many established people in the Art industry see as a real strength to his future success

The First Edition of Limited Edition Prints

Steve has produced the first in a series of limited edition prints with the assistance of the teams at The Poi Room and Artrite Screenprinting. There are 4 images in this series. Each piece has been limited to a print run of 75 pieces and are printed with a 4 colour process on Artistico Fabriano paper.

During the process Steve realised that the 3 colour process that was initially to be used was not producing enough depth to his works. It was agreed with the entire team to work a fourth colour into the process to achieve the desired effects. The result has been prints with the real depth and passion that Steve wanted to achieve. The final screens were exhaustively worked up by Steve who spent days working the overlays of each print to achieve his desired effect which has brought each of the pieces to life.