Santie Cronje- Limited Edition Prints

   Santie was born in Pretoria, South Africa (1973). She studied Art at school from age sixteen and completed a Bachelors of Arts at the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 1994.

Santie is an emerging artist, she lives with her two children, in rural Waikato outside the beautiful Towns of Cambridge and Te Awamutu.

She has developed a unique style of painting, influenced by a strong academic foundation in the History of European Art, Culture and Philosophy. Essentially a Symbolist, she seeks to express and evoke ideas or emotions through the images and objects represented in her art. She expresses subjective visions rather than objective realities.

These specific Symbols are a collection of images derived from past experiences, travels and emotions. Some of the Symbols are used metaphorically to represent the artist and others are used to capture the essence of her stories. Symbols are meaningful images or pictures connected to the artist's psyche.

Artist Statement

Painting to me is a way of life. It is how I think. How I communicate. It is how I tell a story. I have to be honest when I paint. I cannot add images that hold no meaning. I cannot try to paint just because it might make a pretty picture. I actually have to paint, like a writer has to write. It is who I am.

Being a Symbolist I use images to carry a message or create an emotion. Some of the symbols and images I use are as old as my artistic career. Others develop and grow through time from one series to the next. They seem to find their way onto canvas through subconscious thought processes. It is exactly this aspect of creating that I find most intriguing and essentially what inspires me to paint.

When the viewer looks at my work and feels a sense of connection or understanding, or a feeling of not wanting to part with a piece... my work is done.