Mike Cogswell

I've been an artist for 40+ years. For the first 20 I painted and etched My work probably came close to being described as surrealistic but really it was a fusion of science and psychology, however, always I could be called a colourist.Whether it was etching or painting I worked in layers, up to 50 on the oil paintings. Now I'm painting on ceramics I still use layering,
up to a dozen. The reason I use layer is that they add life to the pieces. I feel that nothing I see is simply a colour, it always has it's essence overlaid by atmosphere, reflection etc all these set mood. At their best I try to get my pieces to set a mood in the viewer.
For 30 years I've lived in the house I built in Coromandel on a bush block with views of the Hauraki Gulf . I'd like to say that this environment is an inspiration for my work but I don't think that is true in any direct sense, what it does is allow me to feel immensely content with my surroundings and from that I gain energy to do my work.