Liz McAuliffe

I carve to express nature's beauty, balance and perfection.
My work invites you to consider your perceptions and to examine the original form more closely.
Through your consideration stillness is gained.

Creating from and with nature has long been a way for me to stay connected to myself and my environment.
When I ventured into carving I chose as my first 'object' a lotus seed pod (Lotus nelumbo). At that time the lotus pod was in my home as a strong reminder of the beauty and completeness in nature.
That first carving has highlighted a passion and enabled me to follow a career where my delight in and reverence of nature has blossomed.
The lotus pod in particular gives me an almost endless inspiration for carving and has led me to exploring other pods, seeds and native flora.
My relationship with the lotus pod was at first physical, sensual and tactile but as I further explore its almost universal symbolism and meaning I am coming to realise that my initial attraction is grounded very strongly in humankind's delight and reverence for nature which is expressed so fully in this plant.
"Its seed pod is thought of as the fecundity of creation" *