Lyndon Stokes


As the son of professional artists, Lyndon Stokes has been exposed to art since a very early age, receiving ongoing instruction and encouragement throughout his formative years and beyond.  An attention to detail from an early age has also evolved into a passion for Surrealism – this form of art serving as a creative outlet for Lyndon’s vivid imagination.  In his early days (pre-internet) Lyndon would trawl record shops as much for the inspiration from the cover art, as for the music itself. 

The ocean and the challenge of painting water in it’s various moods is a pre-dominant subject for a lot of Lyndon’s attention.  Sometimes this is represented in Lyndon’s realistic paintings of coastal subjects such as beaches, or studies of deep water around rustic wharf piers.  Man’s lust for the latest consumer items coupled with the current day lack of sustainability on the planet is also of concern to Lyndon – this is represented in his surreal paintings featuring old type televisions or car wrecks incorporated into ocean environments.  There is an underlying message here about the careless way old technology is continually discarded on the planet, to accumulate for future generations to deal with.

As a tail end baby boomer (born 1962), inspiration has also come from ‘Old School’ car, bike and surf culture.  His attention to detail and interest in car styling has seen some high detail paintings of special cars completed for select clients.  In addition critters such as Preying Mantises and Meerkats are often incorporated with ‘Old School’ items for a more light hearted piece of art.  An ‘Ant’s eye view’ perspective is also utilised in some paintings to portray the world as a very small critter would view it.

Lyndon’s paintings are held in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.  The last time he entered an art award he was selected as a finalist (1994 James Wallace Art awards).

In the tradition of his parents, Lyndon’s art quest is a lifelong journey of learning and development.