Ingrid Berzins

Born to both Latvian parents in Christchurch NZ, I am neither of here nor there... somewhere in between... a happy mix... a global soul.

I honestly don't remember a time when I didn't paint  or draw in some way.... whilst the other children in the small cul de sac we lived in were out on the street playing, I often chose to be indoors doing my latest poster.... Painting is like breathing to me.... I get lost... in a nice way. 

I draw inspiration from within, having been fed externally daily with conversations, quips, visions, anecdotes.... and with this internal dialogue, create narratives.

'A painting is never finished...
it simply stops in interesting places.'
- Gardner

The stories I create visually depict a sense of wonder, beauty, depth, exploring one's sense of self. My palette is rich in colour and sharp in contrast. My work has a playful quality belying a darker underbelly..... child versus adult, night versus day. The viewer brings their own story to my work, and makes it their own. This is the beauty of Art.

My paintings change and morph, as I do.... therefore they directly reflect my personal journey in the world... I don't aim to be perfect... only to grow... I wish I could unlearn enough to be able to paint like a child.... they are the best artists...