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Contemporary Impressionism

Kristen Olson Stone

Hobbiton Paintings by Kristen Olson Stone.   

Sale on Hobbiton Paintings until 15th September.  20% Discount off current gallery pricing. Email for more information.

‘I visited Hobbiton over the summer and was absolutely amazed at the beauty of the countryside around Matamata.  Hobbiton is really an amazing place, full of inspiring scenes!  Surrounded by lovely, green hills, a path takes the visitors through a uniquely-crafted collection of colourful wooden doors.  Each one is framed by an assortment of flowers and vegetable gardens.  

As an artist, I can appreciate the attention to detail and work that went into the creation of this site.  There were also beautiful trees, bushes, lakes and even quaint chimneys.  Everywhere I looked I could see something new to paint!  I took lots of reference photos to paint from and decided to create a whole series of paintings in both oil and watercolour.’ Kristen Olson Stone

Kristen Olson Stone grew up on the east coast of the United States.  The daughter of two classical musicians, she loved music but her real passion has always been painting.  Inspired by her grandmother, also a painter, she attended art school at The University of Maryland in College Park, The Art Students League, NYC, The California Art Institute in Los Angeles, Otis Parsons, Los Angeles and Santa Monica College.  Classically trained, she enjoyed painting people and portraits but her love of nature steered her towards the painterly style of impressionism.

Kristen has had a long career as a professional artist.  She has lived and worked in California, Hawaii and now New Zealand.  

Beyond all of the beautiful places she has lived, Kristen has traveled extensively, painting in Italy, London, Ukraine, Poland, Alaska, The Cook Islands, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.  Kristen’s artwork has been selected for juried exhibitions; she has received awards for some.  

Her paintings are lovingly collected and exhibited at five-star resorts and hotels, other luxury commercial spaces, and high-end private homes throughout the world including the collection of President and Mrs. Obama.