Lizzie Beere


Lizzie describes herself as a Hunter and a Gatherer, a Stylist and Maker.
She relocated to Hawkes Bay with her partner, Martin, 3 years ago for a change in lifestyle.  
A commercial interior designer in her earlier life, she is now practising as a full time artist, working in a number of mediums and styles, from her studio in Hastings.  
She says, “I might describe my work best as modern impressionism. I am interested in the relationship 
between art and nature and how it parallels the human condition, and the richness of the journey from beginning to end stages. I’m all about movement and texture and I’m quite process and hand driven”.
Her paintings seem to take on a life of their own, developing with each layer. She describes her technique as "messy, raw and imperfect", not necessarily depicting an exact representation of subject, more creating an emotive and evocative experience of the overall canvas.  
Her botanical photographic series, has been a work in progress over the past 3 years. She jokingly refers to it as “florography”. After her Mum died and she was clearing out her home, she came across some boxes ear-marked for her, full of old floral art materials and family vases. During her studies at art school in London, Lizzie was obsessed with the botanical Dutch painters of the 16th and 17th century. This photographic series has been largely influenced by that, capturing rich and moody, often dark, still life frames with her lens.