Lois Parish Evans

Lois Parish Evans represented by Inspirit Gallery

Born in PNG to NZ parents Lois has lived many years in Australia before returning to the beautiful Bay of Plenty, NZ.  She is re-discovering the light and colours of NZ and this is showing itself in her more recent artworks.

Lois’ earliest creative memories are of learning to sew as a young child; she adored dolls and making clothes for them, as well as hand stitching clothes for herself.  In adolescence she discovered art and merged her two favourite subjects into a Fibre/Textiles major in a Visual Arts degree at the University of Newcastle, Australia. After years of exploring many textile and art techniques she settled on thread painting and, certainly, with young children it was easier to create thread paintings.  As her children grew her creative world expanded and she began to explore quilting as a way to create larger textile pieces. Initially her thread paintings and art quilts were quite separate but now finds she is often using all her textile and art skills on one piece. 

During early University days Lois discovered a book by Gordon Andrews on “Seeing” and it has had a profound impact on her creative journey, because it resonated so deeply with her view of the world.  Andrews wrote that “the ability to see freely what is around us is a rare gift”,... that much of the world around us is filtered out because we view it as valueless or it appears to have no relevance, and “we become blind to the ordinary”.  He also wrote, “If people could be helped to see and understand the meanings of colour, form and structure as well as growth, flowering and decay perhaps we, as the most intelligently capable creatures on this planet, could live in greater harmony……..If only we will open our eyes…..”

Many years of creating later and this desire to find and express the extraordinary in the ordinary still underpins much of Lois’s creative journey.  The pleasure of creating usually begins with a camera; recording a landscape or detail in nature that inspires before heading to her studio to translate the inspiration into a drawing and realising it in a textile artwork.  She finds herself drawn to expressing the sculptural qualities and the form and structure of a subject through line, pattern, shape and colour.  Most recently she has been exploring the deconstruction, reconstruction and abstraction of the chosen subject.