Homer Dalilis Wood Artist

Homer Dalilis -Artist and Woodturner Elegantly crafted Works of Art in Wood.

Handcrafted in my workshop, my boards are more than just cutting boards. They are works of art that will enhance any decor. It will become an heirloom over the years to hand down. Since it is solid wood, the board can be sanded down and re-oiled to look like new for years to come. Only safe and natural products are used in making of my end grain cutting boards. I carefully select different hardwoods for my custom made boards. Most cutting boards are composed of different native timber species to create contrasting patterns. Proven waterproof, water resistant, non-toxic and solvent-free wood glue are used making it safer to use than traditional waterproof wood glues. Finished and sealed for your protection with food safe mineral oil and food grade NZ natural beeswax. These products will not only provide an easy to maintain finish, but enhance the natural beauty of the wood by bringing out the colours and grains. One board can be used as: butcher block, serving board, cheese board, presentation piece, appetizer tray, sushi boat, or simply as counter top display piece. My handcrafted boards are a great present for any occasion. It all began when my wife and I were thinking what gift we can give to our friends who helped us when my wife had her surgery as a way of saying thank you. My experience in high school going with my dad, who is a carpenter, kicks in and with off-cuts timber lying in our garage created an idea of making a handmade cutting board, hence the birth of my woodworking hobby. I am always fascinated to know one of earth’s natural resources - wood - regarding the smell, colours, grains and common uses of the different timber species. New Zealand is blessed with diverse native wood that woodworkers and craftsmen enjoy to work with for their projects.