Karen Cullen

My name is Karen Cullen and I have an addiction. I am a paint addict and.confessed "art junkie" (a couple years ago
when on holiday I flew from Rome to Madrid just to see a Salvador Dali exhibition at the Reina Sofia.) My favourite
pastime is watching paint dry. I live for the creative process. I love making "stuff" you name it I have probably tried it and
over the years I have been a little promiscuous with Casting glass, large scale darjit sculpture and leadlighting just to
name a few. But I always come back to the first love of my life painting. I get a buzz from ripping the cellophane off a
brand new clean shiny bright white canvas and inhaling the smell. Its the smell of endless possibilities and this is truly
exciting to me. Its what I totally get off on. Anything can happen. Each time its a journey into the unknown.
- Even though I may have created a 100 thumbnail sketches before I begin.
- Every painting is a challenge with issues to resolve. I am constantly learning. I am constantly evolving.
I dont have a style, I am a whore to inspiration (!). Something will spark an idea and off I go like a teenager climbing out
the bedroom window in the middle of the night to hell with the consequences . Hence I paint abstract, landscape,
figurative, flora and fauna, stylized simplicity and am totally toying with the idea of some lowbrow soft surrealism. I 've got
a million ideas milling around in my little brain each idea needs to be thought thru and distilled like a fine wine,it all takes
time. but the real magic happens on the canvas. I love a good happy accident or to take it somewhere I didn't intend..
Sigh.....So many ideas so little paint time
A lot of my work is inspired by the curvilinerness (is that a word?) of nature and by the photos I take. I have a penchant
for nikaus, (Went down the West Coast recently for the first time. Thought I had died and gone to nikau heaven) Nikaus
are a recurring theme in my art, so are swallows, peaches and fantasy flowers.
I am a magpie at heart and love the shiny stuff. Metallics are my fave. I get off on texture and of course that makes
mixed media king. Acrylic on canvas is my go to.
So thats pretty much kinda how I roll. Think you get the idea.