Gary Tricker

Gary Tricker was born in Wellington, with much of his childhood spent in rural railway settlements. Consequently it has left him with a life-long passion for trains and in perpetual awe of the contrast steel railway lines cut through the landscape.

Since 1976 Gary has worked as a full-time printmaker. He is known internationally for his whimsical, semi-abstract, slightly surreal images that possess an entertainment value akin to well known lyric tales.

Gary now lives in the Wairarapa surrounded by the objects of his imagery memorabilia. Trains, railways, black cats, railway clocks, and the New Zealand landscape, which feature in his prints.


Born 1938 Wellington.
Primary school days in Hihitahi and Shannon, moved down to the Hutt Valley to attend the Hutt Valley High School.
Work as a public servant (graphic artist) for the Tourist, Government Printer and Education Department for 18 years.
From 1976 to fulltime printmaking living in Korokoro (Petone) and moved to Greytown since 1980.