Talulah Belle Lautrec- Nunes


Talulah has been making art for over fifteen years.

Her art practice encompasses a diverse range of subjects. She moves between degrees of abstraction, producing works of semi abstract, through to impressionism/expressionism, & in-between. Working through these differing styles are part of her process.

 The impressionist/expressionist & abstract works feed into each other; in both, she attempts to capture the complexity of natural forms.

Talulah’s themes are informed by the natural world, its weather patterns, the destruction and construction of the elements that often allude to the fragility of our environment. The textures, colours & patterns of nature constantly influence her work.

The large-scale artworks arise from a fluid-like process of multi-layering, mark-making and intuitive colour selections, often giving the work an ambiguous quality. One is not sure what is real or imagined in the pieces.  Her multiple layers and dynamic palette contrasted with muted greys and earthy tones give the work a vibrant, energetic appearance. Gestural brush strokes and marks invigorate and stimulate the senses.

Memory plays a pivotal role in her art practice and acts as a reference point. She photographs shapes and patterns in nature and collects “bits of stuff” (seed pods, cones, twigs and leaves) for inspiration. Talulah often adds these organic shapes to the art, giving it another layer of texture and pattern, adding meaning and depth. This becomes an integral part of the art making “thus suggesting nature at work, while constructing fragments from memory.”

Talulah is a self-taught artist working in both oils and acrylics using palette knife and brush.

“I’m constantly searching for the perfect mark. It has to be instant and uncomplicated, natural, fluid and fresh. I’m never satisfied with what I create. I’m constantly reaching, striving to make the next painting revolutionary.”