Miranda Jane Caird

Heavenly Collection of Botanical Paintings by Miranda Jane Caird

This exciting new series of work from Miranda is joyous and uplifting, lush and abundant. Miranda taps into our universal experience and understanding of a bouquet of flowers and how the gift of them can mark significant events in our lives and also represent our friendships and close-knit ties.

 As she painted these pieces, Miranda also explored ideas of how we fit together as people, like the individual stems in a bouquet, to create something really special. Whether that be a family, group of friends, work colleagues or team of any kind.

  Miranda has been painting predominantly landscapes since 2003 and this new series is also about breaking free and exploring fully our potential and who we want to be. 

 Her work has made its way all around the world to every major continent as well as being treasured in homes and private collections of Aotearoa, New Zealand.