Trevor J Askin Bronze Sculpture


A fascination with bronze led Trevor to set about sculpting and learning the age old art of cire perdue - lost

wax casting. A mostly self-taught sculptor.

He cast his first bronze in 1980. Since then there has been thousands of hours of work, a few thousand

dollars and many a failure gone into perfecting the transformation of each original sculpture - which can

be in clay, wood, plaster or wax - into bronze. It is not generally known that very few sculptors go right

through with this process and pour their own bronze. This requires many practical skills which have

been learned through years of research and experiments and two brief courses at the School of Fine Arts,

University of Canterbury. If sculptors themselves do not understand or have the technical skills to carry

their work through to the end, it is small wonder that the general public and even art collectors are in a

sort of vague trance when it comes to understanding how a work of art in bronze is actually produced -

they only keep on wondering sadly, why is bronze sculpture so expensive?

His work embraces two main styles - representational, an essential talent of any artisan; and the unique

semi-abstract he calls 'curvilinear' a style which is full of freedom and movement. This latter style was

developed more than 30 years ago and these sculptures are all one off bronzes.

Has had several international commissions as well as local ones. To date has completed around 600

works. Many of these bronzes have gone to collectors both in New Zealand and overseas. One collector

has over twenty of these sculptures.

Has his own studio, foundry and gallery.