David Fowler

I retired from teaching at Waikato University in the year 2000 and immediately built a workshop and began my second career as a furniture maker.

I have designed and built, dining room suites up to 12 seaters, lounge suites up to 8 seats, coffee tables, a multi storied armoire, entertainment centres, sideboards, library hutch dressers, desks, bedside tables and closets. ....even a cat commode.

Many of my clients to date live in bungalows or villas and consequently much of my early work has been influenced by the English Arts and Crafts movement;  functional, strong, simple and enhanced by a few well chosen aesthetic elements.  However, I have also designed and delivered contemporary furniture. 

My approach to the process of designing and making wooden furniture starts with establishing ideas about the proposed commission. I like to know something about the style of house the work will be moving into. What timbers would be preferred and of course all the functional aspects. I only use timber that has been procured from sustainable sources.