John Allen Wood Sculptor

I have been working with wood for 50 years. I started with modelling boats and building huts as a boy, I learned woodwork at school, then crafting furniture in my early twenties and in the last ten years, sculpture. For a number of years I’ve been collecting driftwood and pieces from fallen pohutukawa on the coast. I made my first sculpture out of driftwood. I see the beauty in twisted branches and craggy weathered wood. I am inspired by the interplay of wood in its natural weathered state alongside fine hand-craftsmanship. There is magic in that interplay that I could sense but it wasn’t until I started to change my life that I understood its significance for me.


For most of my working life I’ve been a consultant in strategic planning and I’ve been the finance guy in a series of start-up software companies. I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce (University of Auckland) and a master’s degree in business administration (University of California, Berkeley). I enjoyed my jobs at the time but always felt I was on the trail of a deeper purpose in me.


A few years ago I finally gathered the courage to take hold of my life and that initiated a mystical journey of discovery into the core of me. I found deep peace, mystery and love. I am creating sculpture to express this magic of life. Bringing together natural weathered forms and smooth finely-crafted surfaces, I am endeavouring to show the intensity and turmoil of life, and the deep peace I know to be inside and behind it all.