Nick Beal Steel Artist

Nick is a steel artist who designs and creates laser cut art pieces, from wall art, gate signs, to the very popular Wind Dancers. Nick has been working with metal for over 12 years, starting out as an apprentice for a sheet metal fabrication shop. Nick quickly started to gain a real passion for steel and the possibility’s with this medium.

 After traveling around Australia and North America for 3 years he returned back to NZ to study Mechanical engineering at Wintec. After graduating, Nick started working as a design engineer at a local Engineering company. With his newly gained skills, and a passion to design, Steel Artworks NZ was born. He had a mission, to turn the sketches he had been doodling with on his note pad into a reality.

Basing himself from home in Hamilton he started to create a range of pieces in his evenings and weekends. In July 2014 he went to his first market to see how his work would be perceived by the public and hasn’t looked back since. Steel Artworks NZ now has over 40 different designs and is continually creating new pieces from whatever inspires at the time.