Ingrid Berzins

Ingrid was born in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She attended Wellington Polytechnic, where she completed a Diploma in Visual Communication Design from 1982 - 85.

From 1985 - 87, she worked full-time for the Post Office design studio in Wellington.

Between 1987 - 90, she travelled and worked in the UK ( Oxford and Edinburgh ) as a freelance book designer for Oxford University Press and as a Graphic Designer/ illustrator. She also worked as a Senior Designer for Designers and Partners in Oxford.

Upon her return to NZ, she moved to Auckland, where she took up a design job at ACP magazines firstly for Pacific Way, from there as a Senior designer at Metro magazine.

After 2 years she got a job in a small family-run design company Periscope Design, as a Graphic Designer, but primarily as an illustrator, where she developed her illustration skills for 3 years.

1995 was the beginning of her career as a freelance illustrator and her departure from Graphic Design which she felt was limiting her creativity. She wished to explore painting part-time to see where it would lead. She set up a studio in Kingsland amongst other creative freelancers with whom she could share ideas with. This was a very expansive time creatively. She had numerous clients during this time including some small design companies and also some of the larger advertising agencies: Saatchi and Saatchi, Colenso, Ogilvy and Mather, Dow Design, Dashwood Design, Dave Clark Design. She created an enormous one-storey mural which wrapped around a building in Wellington for the Arts fesival during this time, also working on billboards, packaging, typography, point of sale and book design.


In 1999, she started painting full-time, moving from her beloved studio in Kingsland to her studio on Waiheke where she moved with her partner to start a family. Here, Ingrid took part along with 3 other artists in an advertising campaign for Saatchi and Saatchi for anti- pollution. It won them a gold medal at Cannes, and involved her producing street art in two locations around the city.

She started shifting her focus over the next two years to painting full-time while still continuing some illustration work for income. She was approached by Fishers Fine Arts who wanted to represent her, so this began a six year period of exhibitions, many of them sell-out shows.

In 2000 she became pregnant with her daughter.

She took part in the Goldwater Art Award a National competition in 2003, and won Peoples choice.

For the next seven years whilst raising her daughter as a single parent, she continued to exhibit at Fishers Fine Arts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, Palette Gallery in Auckland, the Artists Room in Dunedin and Art Matakana in Warkworth. Ingrid has now sold her work across the globe mostly in the U.K,  the U.S.A Australia, Germany, Sweden and Latvia. She has numerous collectors.

In 2010, she illustrated her first children's book, 'The Silliest Dream' by Mark Somerset, closely followed by 'The Grumblebee' by Kyle Mewburn. She is currently working on her 3rd book for Walker books in Australia

In 2011 she moved her studio/gallery to Palm beach, Waiheke allowing her to have a more public presence with a road frontage where she was able to meet her viewers in a relaxed gallery environment. This is where you can find her most weekends.