Sam Ludden

Sam is a ceramic artist who has a passion for clay, sculpture and river ecology. Sam operates a pottery, called 'Dirty Fingers Pottery' (DFP) in a barn behind his family home. His pottery and family home is a colonial villa built in 1884, in the heart of Masterton's historical precinct, Victoria Street. He has built his business, 'DFP' so he can combine these passions in his work. The pottery and surrounding Wairarapa region is the inspiration for his creative process.

Sam's dream is to develop DFP into a self-sufficient operation where he can employ potters to make his designs, freeing up his own time to continue developing original sculpture and design new products.  He is passionate about making outdoor and indoor sculpture to enrich people's lives and surroundings. Though he loves making sculpture to fit into people's personal lives, his ultimate goal is to make public sculpture and public exhibitions for New Zealand and the international arena, full time.

Sam's international career includes working in potteries in France, England, Czech Republic and Thailand. In his most recent travels he was invited to Changchun, China where he has made two ambitious public sculptures, one in ceramic and the other in bronze. When his  children are a bit older, Sam and his family intend to continue chasing international art opportunities. For now, Sam is busy building the pottery to support his new family with his partner Janine, creating a new and exciting portfolio of work designed to evolve into an exhibition collection.