Dave Watson




Self taught, though engaged in many building projects whilst farming. Finished the interior of a beach bach, building the kitchen units, stairway and a large refectory table and benches.  My first tools were basically a skillsaw, hammer and chisel.  When I moved intoHamilton(1990) I began making CD racks, cheval dress mirrors, small boxes and items of furniture in the basement garage which I sold in a local craft shop, putting the money towards more tools. I now have virtually everything a man would want (besides my wife, children and grandchildren), I even have a dedicated shed now.

I’ve made many items of furniture over recent years for self, family and friends, beds, tables, chests of drawers, cupboards, cots for all the grandchildren, changing tables and the like.

My philosophy is to make useful items, to be used, cherished and that will last and be passed on, not something that’s so highly finished and polished that you are afraid to use. Basically I hate sanding to 600 grit, anyway that’s my rationale for not removing every sandpaper scratch or imperfection.  

The general style I favour is Shaker, the clean practical lines and simplicity of design I consider is timeless.

The chairs have been my next step up, chair making provides a challenge, of all the furniture you make, the chair takes the most strain on all its components.  With respect to the Maloof inspired chairs, all the chairs will be unique, no two will be the same, they will provide scope to experiment, adjusting the flowing lines, hardening or rounding an edge, adjusting height etc.