Aimee McLeod

Aimée’s obsession with pottery started in the ‘70s when she lived inJapan. However she didn’t start working with clay till after gaining her Certificate of Craft Design from Whitireia Polytech in Porirua in ’88.

Having now been potting for over 20 years, she still  finds it obsessive and can’t imagine life without having her hands in clay.  There are so many directions to take, she could never get bored.

Largely self taught, over the years she has  attended many conferences and wonderful workshops by other potters, and in 2004 completed the Diploma Of Arts (Ceramics) by distance mode through the Australian National University.

Her work is varied. She works in both earthenware and stoneware, which she fires at different temperatures in oxidation or reduction in her gas kiln.  She loves throwing multiples and large bowls on the wheel, and carving fine bowls.  Exploring the translucence of porcelain is a new fascination.  However she enjoys coiling grunty clay just as much, especially outside when it’s fine.

Aimée’s work often incorporates Koru or Tapa cloth inspired patterns in some way. These may be as direct attachments  to her coiled vessels, or carved into bowls.  Recently, she has used sgraffito as a way to apply these patterns to brightly coloured earthenware.

She is also fond of using organic looking beading or lichen glazes on her hand built work.

A person is the sum total of his/her experiences. For Aimée, origins do not have the same impact as identity.  She identifies strongly with New Zealandand its place in the Pacific and aims to reflect this in her work.