Sylvia Sinel

Sylvia Sinel originally from Sweden and now living in Hamilton, New Zealand, is a mixed media artist who has experimented with a variety of medium and techniques over the years.

“The languages of form and colour are fundamentals in my ways of expression.

Magic only happens when I can get the two to meet and work together in a way of contrast and union. It can be a union in harmony or a union as a constant battle, but it's only in a union a work becomes inhabited with a soul.

Andre Gide said “Pay attention only to the form; emotion will come spontaneously to inhabit it. A perfect dwelling always finds an inhabitant...”

I believe he was right. 

I have experimented with a variety of medium and techniques over the years. I work in projects exploring an idea, theme or a concept using the most suitable medium at the time. I'm always on the go and I am always open to new ways of expression. What happens if I do this or that? What if...?

I never know where the next move will take me and it's in the possibilities and opportunities I find the great passion and fascination.


It's the exploration, the learning and the creative process in itself that's most important to me. To find a new context in something already known. The result is a bonus in the best case scenario.”

My Runestones are the result from exploring and playing with my viking heritage. The Vikings were travellers and they used to navigate by the stars.

My runic inscriptions reads (variations on each stone) - I’m following the stars in the sky. They guide me on my journey.

We are all travellers just like them. Hold your runestone in your hand or light a candle and use it as a candle holder. Time for reflection - Where to from here? Listen to your stars…