Nicky Adams




I’m Nicky Adams, a qualified Landscape Architect from Lincoln University, I also have a welding certificate from the BOP Polytechnic.


I am passionate about design and being able to get up every day to do a job that I love; creating spaces and creations that people will enjoy. My aim is to work alongside others, to be able to make life more fun, enjoyable and less chaotic for those in it, whether through design, sculpture or even just a friendly smile.


Every sculpture that I create has been lovingly worked and has a personality of its own. Since all my work is handmade and an individual piece it means that I am able to make them to nearly any size and shape that I or a client desires. 


Most of my designs are created with Corten Steel producing a lovely rich rusty finish that creates a protective layer to the sculpture allowing it to last for a lot longer than mild steel.


My aim is to create custom designed sculptures that make people smile and to find the perfect sculpture for the desired position.