Six and Counting Exhibition 10 November-11 December

Symbolist Artist Santie Cronje English paints full time from her studio in Cambridge.  Her narrative work is described as “a delicate simplicity and elegance, which touches the childlike side of the heart”.

Artist Statement

“Inspiration for “Six and counting” is the Season of “Spring” and the effects of a new season on our psyche. A feeling of renewal, an abundance of energy… It all starts with the appearance of Magnolias, longer days and the heat of the sun returning. Then the bright yellow kowhai flowers and soon the tree in front of my house is abuzz with big fat Tui’s dancing and feasting on what Nature provides.

Our rabbits go crazy and it’s all a little bit surreal – that moment when you realise that winter is on its way out.

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems”.

Rainer Maria Rilke


Symbolically Spring teaches me to appreciate my present surroundings. Spring shows me that every morning is the start of a new day. To embrace the changes of every Season and enjoy the beauty that inspires my soul. To leave the past in the past and not drag my winters into the heart of Spring”