Neil Hanna

Neil Hanna is a well known New Zealand artist who has had a lifetime interest in collecting, cutting and carving stones.

Originally trained as a jeweller, he worked in London where he studied gemmology, graduating as a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain in 1971.

Neil has since worked as a professional artist in Auckland. During that time he has built his reputation on lapidary and stone cutting techniques.

Materials such as nephrite jade, opal and lapis lazuli feature in his work.

His most recent work, the Coastal Pearl Collection is carved in mother-of-pearl shell and is inspired by the New Zealand coastline.

The pearl shell with its beautiful lustre is carved into jewellery which reflects the diversity of the marine landscape and sea life of the New Zealand foreshore.

Pearl shell is an environmentally sustainable natural material.

Neil has co-authored two books; Pounamu - New Zealand Jade; Kapia - New Zealand Kauri Gum.