Richard Macdonald

Auckland born and currently based in Tauranga, Richard considers himself a predominantly self-taught painter with 

a creative compulsion. Working in oils, he stylistically juxtaposes a delicacy and detail in rendering with more assertive 

compositional elements, and often nowadays a narrative component to draw the viewer into a dialogue with the work. 

His preoccupation with birdlife he considers a natural choice of subject matter, given the unique avian heritage Kiwis 

have been gifted.

"They're intriguing in their own right and we've sadly lost some unique species. I'd  like to make people look and really think

about how incredible & precious they all are, from the manic hordes of Sparrows to the elusive & endangered Kokako with its poignant 

& preternatural call. There's also a rich history of folklore involving birds worldwide from which to draw inspiration & I love the idea 

of the Human/Avian relationship."