Claire Delaney

Claire Delaney BA (hons) degree in Textiles and fashion.


Layers are what fascinate me. Exposing what is underneath the surface. What to reveal and what to cover up.

The rhythmical pattern of layers adds a timeless quality to the work. That is often described as being haunting and having great depth.

Working with oils, mixed media or silkscreen, the same themes recur. Tuning into the detail of now and blurring the past.

Encouraging brave new steps, the work is always about potential and the courage to break free from the fear that holds us rigid.

 Obtaining an honours degree in textiles from John Moore’s University in Liverpool, has given me a love for pattern and texture but my real passion has always been for painting.

Through my work placement at the Tate Gallery Liverpool and Exhibiting widely throughout the U.k in both galleries and Museums and running my own community arts business has given me the foundation for my Nz practice. Which I am easing myself back into after a break to raise our family.

I show my work regularly in group shows and teach   workshops in schools, art centres and from my own studio.